My Capacities LifeOS Object Types

Just a quick post today to accompany my recent Youtube video where I go through my current daily note template for my LifeOS in Capacities. This is where I do my planning, reviews, daily tracking and more.

Below are some screenshots of the main object types involved with it. Not all of these feature in this post as they’re not actively part of my LifeOS, they’re instead old object types from previous uses of this space…

Table of Contents

Central Daily Note

Capacities works around a central calendar, so it makes sense that my LifeOS does too. The best way for it to do that is through a daily note template.

into purple atm

Starting at the top:

  1. My word of the year is flourish- I need to remember to flourish, so I embed the word every day! This is an image object.

  2. Vision board (with some images blurred, sorry!) to remind me what I’m working towards every day. This is an image object.

  3. Q2 goals- I didn’t set any explicit ones so I just embedded a block of some motivational words. This is a block reference from a ‘quarter’ object.

  4. Monthly goals - a simple list. This is a block reference from a ‘month’ object.

  5. Weekly goals - another simple list. This is a block reference from a ‘Week’ object.

  6. Daily habits - these are in flux right now, hence why they are not ticked! This is just a group block (Cmd + G) I added to the template.

The nature of this set up means I update this template at least weekly, but it’s so easy to do that I don’t mind at all.

Date Properties + Calendar = 😍

Any time you reference a date in Capacities, it will show up in the ‘references’ section of the central calendar. So the more times you use dates across your space, the more information automatically flows into this central view. I love it.

Now let’s go through each object type


Here is my current project set up. I have two date time properties which means I can define when I started and finished the project. That is shown in the reference section too which is super handy.

This object type looks after my big projects (renovate bathroom), and the little things I do day to day (reorganising things, writing posts, etc). It also helps me finish projects up. If there is no reminder in front of me, I will literally forget something exists, so this object type has really helped me fix that.

Overall writing my projects down (of any size or duration) helps me be a more active participant in my life as I actually know what I’m spending time on and enjoying doing.


I’ve been looking at PARA in Capacities for some upcoming content on Capacities channels… I was inspired to write out my life areas, so I did that and then added them to Capacities.

It was a nice exercise, but it doesn’t currently hold any active use for me, so I deleted them this weekend. I can add them back in later if I want to 🙂 

I think if I use this space to store resources in long term, I’ll bring them back but for now it’s ok without.

Time Notes

These are super simple, just to help me with my goal setting and reviews. Blocks from these objects are embedded in my daily note template (see above).





My daily tracking!

Really enjoying text properties for this over select properties- it’s more flexible and reinforces the idea that not everything needs an object, particularly not books or films I didn’t even enjoy!

Text properties work pretty nicely 🙂 


Life is the special occasion, so make sure to track the “little” milestones as much as the big ones. Again, because of the date time property, any time I add a milestone with a date, it’ll automatically be shown in my calendar too. What a great way to review your life and the good things within it!


A generic object type I’ve been using for the books and films I’ve really enjoyed. Not everything I consume needs an object, but I can use Sparks if I do want to give it an object.


This is honestly the most important thing to my human experience: capturing parts of who I am every day as a gift to my future self. There’s all sorts of deep and meaningful reasons behind this, some of which I’ve explored in other content. But what’s important today is how it feeds into my LifeOS:

I track my favourite things from a given time period (defined by the checkbox properties) and that’s it. It will gain meaning later, for now it’s essentially a more structured review.

So that’s a quick look at this lifeOS and its objects. I’ll keep you updated as it evolves, but I’m really enjoying the networked approach to ~digital life management~ , compared to the differently structured version I had in Notion with databases.

Both work great, but I think it makes sense to be enjoying Capacities for this, given I enjoy it for everything else!

Disclaimer - I work for Capacities, but I have neither been asked to make this post nor to use Capacities for my LifeOS. I choose to because I love it, and I'm talking about it for fun. All work I do for Capacities is on the Capacities channels, not PKM Beth :)

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