PKM in the Wild #3

Lots of system thinking...

Hi all,

hope you’re doing well!

Content Roundup

I haven’t published too much recently, but I have really enjoyed writing what I did publish!

I wrote about how I journal with Day One and IFTTT. With a few handy automations, I simply divert information I’m already collecting for other reasons to Day One, to help me perform my more intense reflection practices inspired by Annie Ernaux, which I also wrote about recently.

Then I got a burst of inspiration to finish an article I’ve had in my drafts for ages about how our systems are going to change because we change, and apps change. This has made me want to start tracking every single tool I use for every single part of my life so I can track the changes. Would that be of interest if it’s a public document of learnings or is this the sort of thing I should do for fun and keep private?

Then I rounded up my favourite Utility Apps on Mac. I am blown away at the quality of the tools we have access to that help us in various ways. I’m so grateful for this!

PKM Content I’ve enjoyed

I think it’s clear that I have a pretty broad understanding of PKM- it’s essentially an umbrella term for all sorts of information and knowledge handling (rightly or wrongly), and I’m always looking for cool ways people are doing it.

I’ve been super inspired by this yearly summary from Kavisha. I journal in Day One but have got a yearly review in Notion for the different things I track in there. I like this idea of this minimal overview as an addition to what I track in Notion. It’s so beautiful too!

Similarly, I was really interested in Luis’ tweet about project management as I’m still rethinking my project management workflow. I love how he has the “higher motivations” of everything he’s doing available in one property.

This is a more explicit example of an idea I think I’ve been skirting around for a while, so I’m grateful for this tweet to motivate me to implement a version that works for me.

I’m also loving anything and everything Réka writes. We have similar approaches to PKM so if you like my content, definitely go follow her on Medium!

PKM Puzzle

As mentioned, I’ve been in a systems building mood and I came across a recurring issue that exists in my personal life and my history nerd notes. That is how to deal with things happening over time. I wish I could describe that better!

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